Dr. Orlando Seale, President
Dr. Peter Stroude, Dean of Academic Affairs
Student Dean, Dean of Student Services Development
Dr. Patricia Morgan, Quality Systems Advisor
Rev. David Ali, Bursar



Dr. Peter Stroude, Dean of Academic Affairs
Dr. Peter Morgan, Dean of Postgraduate Studies
Vacant, Registrar
Lisa Du Verney, Administrative Officer (Registry)
Vacant, Administrative Officer (Admissions)
Sharon Thompson, Administrative Officer (Undergraduate)
Curriculum Specialist, Curriculum Specialist
Vacant, Director, Lifelong Learning Department


Vacant, Librarian
Shimelle Sebro, Library Administrtor
Library Assistant II, Library Assistant
Library Assistant III, Library Assistant

Information Technology

Kenneth Forde, I.T. Manager
Dwight Ellie, Educational Technical Support Officer
Shimelle Sebro, MS Teams Administrator


Rev. David Ali Bursar
Vacant, Accounting Assistant
Marie Jose-DeSilva, Accounting Assistant
Shimelle Sebro, GATE Officer

Administrative Services

Angelique Isaacs, Senior Administrative Coordinator
Savitri Rogers, Receptionist & Reservations Coordinator
Sherian DeSilva, Janitor
Elma Felix, Janitor
Rachael Jones, Janitor
Daniel Pemberton, Maintenance
Bryan Paul, Maintenance
Cuthbert Donald, Head Security Officer
Latoya Luke, Security Officer
Lawrence Joshua, Security Officer
Christopher Bernard, Security Officer
Glenroy Richardson, Security Officer


Marketing Representative, Marketing Officer

Student Services

Student Dean, Dean of Student Services Development
Rev.Paul Bunsee, Chaplain