Psychology and Counselling

Bachelor of Arts in General Studies


This concentration is designed to help the student understand psychological theories and principles and to think critically about psychological issues and how they relate to other disciplines. The Bachelor of Arts student will need to take related electives or choose a second major to meet the credit hour requirements for General Studies (e.g. Christian Education, Management of Human Resources, etc.)
The Student will be introduced to counselling methods in preparation for further study in a Master of Arts degree in Psychology or Counselling. The minor and major credit hour requirements allow a student to enter the Master of Arts in Counselling at the Caribbean Nazarene College. However, a student may need to complete some of the prerequisite courses for the Masters programme if these were not done as part of their minor or major.
The counselling level of a Bachelor of Arts programme is not sufficient for a full-time counselling career, and the student is encouraged to continue in the area of study at a higher level. However, organizations in Trinidad do have a need for entry level counsellors (abuse centers, rehabilitation centres, churches, schools, etc.) and the graduating student should plan to do the practicum in the organization where a career is sought. Normally, the organization will require a training session or orientation to the psychological and counselling needs of that particular organization.
All psychology and counselling students will be required to participate in personal counselling for a minimum of ten sessions.


  1. To equip the student with an appreciation of how to apply psychological principles to self and others in the daily habits of life.
  2. To assist the student in understanding the career and service options open to psychology students.
  3. To encourage students toward an understanding of how God can effect change through applying psychological principles and techniques.
  4. To prepare students to integrate personal faith and biblical principles with psychological theory and practice.
  5. To prepare students for transition into graduate school in psychology, counselling, or related disciplines.


  • PS 140 Psychology of Personal Adjustment (3)
  • PS 220 Social Psychology (3)
  • PS 230 Educational Psychology (3)
  • PS 240 Child Psychology (3)
  • PS 260 Developmental Psychology (3)
  • PS 300 Principles of Counseling (3)
  • PS 340 Child Education & Evangelism (3) OR PS 350 Youth Education & Evangelism (3)
  • PS 360 Child Guidance: Theory & Practice (3)
  • PS 320 Conflict Resolution (3)
  • PS 400 Psychological Tests and Measurements (3)
  • PS 410 Abnormal Psychology (3)
  • PS 420 Guidance/Counseling Technique (3)
  • PS 470 Counseling Internship (3)


  • BL 101 Survey of the Old Testament (3)
  • BL 102 Survey of the New Testament (3)
  • DT 200 Survey of Theology (3)
  • PT 402 Spiritual Formation (3)


  • LA 101 Speech (3)
  • LA 100 Research Methods I (3)
  • LA 461 Research Methods II (1)
  • LA 462 Research Methods III (2)
  • LA 240 West Indian Literature (3)
  • LA 330 Contemporary Communications (3)
  • FA 100 Introduction to Fine Arts (3) OR MU 250 Music History (3)
  • PH 200 Philosophy (3)
  • LA 081 – 082 English Language (No Credit)


  • HI 120 West Indian History OR HI 110 Western Civilization (3)
  • PS 111 Interpersonal Relations (2)
  • PS 200 Introduction to Psychology (3)
  • SO 200 Introduction to Sociology (3)
  • SO 320 Caribbean Thought & Culture (3)

    • IT 120 Introduction to Computers (3)
    • SC ___ Science Elective (3)
    • MA ___ Mathematics Elective (3)

    In order to complete the Bachelor of Arts in General Studies degree comprising a minimum of 127 Credits, a student can pursue courses in any one of the following concentrations: Management of Human Resources, Music, School Education (ECCE or Primary), Theological Studies, Christian Education, and Biblical Literature.