President’s Message

CNC Atmosphere

Sixty four years, thousands of graduates from various disciplines, friends everywhere on the globe, accreditation, transferability of degrees, Christian environment, quality offerings, spiritual growth, the possibility of meaningful relationships, staff and faculty who are ready and willing to help, leadership development, the beautiful green valley of Santa Cruz, the presence of God and an endless possibility of life vocation after graduation. This is only the beginning of what the Caribbean Nazarene College has to offer. The CNC is committed to offering “Quality Holistic Higher Education in a Christian Environment.”

At CNC, students go through the rigors of a university level education that transform lives forever. The educational process continues to be guided by men and women who are versed in their profession, leading the way in engaging modern technology for more efficient course delivery and application. Additionally, the wonderful menu of activities geared towards developing the sports life, spiritual life, social life and counselling engagement of the student is an excellent formula for holistic growth and development of each person enrolled at the CNC.

The following areas are expressions of my hope for the CNC community:

CNC as a Spiritual Environment

We will not settle for anything less than a Christian Environment. This means that we continuously seek God for grace, strength, mercy and wisdom in times of prayer before classes begin, at staff and faculty prayer meetings and at weekly chapel services. We need more of God.

CNC as a Collaborative Environment

To build organisational capacity there must be innovation, organisation and operation. Share your strategies. They may be applied now or in the future; they may even spawn another idea. There is forte and execution in a team context of mutual involvement.

CNC as a Recruitment Environment

If you love the CNC, tell the world! If the CNC continues to profoundly impact you then share this with your friends and neighbours. We believe that each staff member, faculty member, alumni, friend and student of the CNC is an ambassador of the college. Each can contribute to its advancement, by simply sharing with others their life stimulating and transformative experiences, while pursuing their field of study at the institution.

CNC as a Learning Environment

At the CNC, students are encouraged to be proactive in their journey of learning, to seize ownership of and responsibility for the successful completion of their programme of study at every level. The result produced is exemplary leadership of the highest quality as students are challenged to become the C.E.O. of their greatest enterprise i.e, their academic progress and achievement.

CNC as an Instructive Environment

What good is an education if it does not propel one into a continued commitment to lifelong learning (instruction)? Here at the CNC it is believed that lifelong learning is essential for consistent growth and development as Proverbs 4:13 states “Take fast hold of instruction; let her not go: keep her; for she is thy life.”
To each of you, on behalf of the CNC crew, welcome on board. The captain has turned on the seat belt sign and the sky is the limit. This flight will be a dynamic one. Our staff and faculty are here to serve and to ensure that each one develops throughout this specific flight of lifelong learning. May God richly bless you and once again thank you for choosing Caribbean Nazarene College as your choice of educational carrier and for contributing to CNC being the superlative environment of quality education for future generations. Can you feel it in the atmosphere?

Dr. Anthony Manswell
Caribbean Nazarene College