Master of Social Work


The mission of the Master of Social Work Programme is to equip and prepare students for advanced generalist professional social work competency in both faith-based and non faith-based agencies, communities, and families.


The Master of Social Work (MSW) is a professional graduate degree that provides students with a specific set of knowledge, values, and skills that equip graduates to provide quality social work services. In the interest of best serving diverse communities and by extension populations, and because of social work’s professional commitment to excellence in education, it is essential that all students (both current and transfer) admitted to the programme are qualified, motivated, capable, and committed. In addition, admitted students should reflect and/or value diversities in society. These standards of excellence maintain both the integrity and credibility of the programme.

Core Courses (61 credits)

  • MSW 502 Introduction to Social Science Research (3)
  • MSW 520 Social Welfare Policy and Systems (3)
  • MSW 525 Theories and Practice of Social Work I (3)
  • MSW 530 Theories and Practice of Social Work II (3)
  • MSW 535 Theories and Practice of Social Work III (3)
  • MSW 540 Theories and Practice of Social Work IV (3)
  • MSW 545 Theories and Practice of Social Work V (3)
  • MSW 570/575 Foundation Practicum with Seminar/Portfolio (9)
  • MSW 602 Advanced Research Methods for Social Work (3)
  • MSW 620 Advanced Social Policy Practice (3)
  • MSW 625 Advanced Clinical Social Work Practice (3)
  • MSW 630 Advanced Macro Social Work Practice (3)
  • MSW 640 Leadership in Social Work (3)
  • MSW 660 Spirituality and Religion in Social Work Practice (3)
  • MSW 670/675 Advanced Practicum with Seminar/Portfolio (9)
  • MSW 680 Dissertation (4)

Electives (6 credits)

  • MSW 643 Child and Family Welfare (3)
  • MSW 665 Non-Profit Management (3)
  • MACTC 600 Introduction to Trauma (3)
  • MACFC 600 Interventions in Forensic Populations (3)
  • MACAC 601 Interventions in Addictive Disorders (3)

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