Management of Human Resources

Bachelor of Arts in General Studies


The MHR programme develops the human resources and management skills necessary to become a more effective manager. Classes focus on organizational behavior, leadership, interpersonal skills, management problems, and a values-oriented management approach. The programme is designed for the person with or without formal human resources experiences.

The Practicum will give minimum experience in preparation for a HR career. Those who are already involved in Management of Human Resources as a career may elect to take the practicum for 1-2 hours credit.

The Bachelor of Arts in General Studies with a Management of Human Resources concentration may take three to four years to complete the 126 minimum credit hours for graduation. The student will take electives in related fields or choose a second related major.


  1. To assist students in the development of technical business skills in the area of the management of human resources.
  2. To encourage students to aspire for excellence in classroom instruction.
  3. To furnish the opportunity for students to learn the value and necessity of teamwork in an effective organization.
  4. To train students to think critically, communicate effectively, and exercise sound business-judgment based on high ethical standards founded in Christian values.


  • HR 100 Organizational Behavior & Management (3)
  • HR 110 Human Resources Administration (3)
  • HR 120 Principles of Self Management (3)
  • HR 150 Business Application of Computers (3)
  • HR 200 Human Resources Planning (3)
  • HR 210 Human Resources Development (3)
  • HR 260 Seminar: Current Issues in MHR (3)
  • HR 320 Conflict Resolution (3)
  • HR 330 Intercultural Relations or Cultural Diversity (3)
  • HR 340 Total Quality Management (3)
  • HR ___ Elective (3)
  • HR 220 Human Resources Seminar & Internship and Portfolio* (3)

* A Student may participate in the internship after completing the 4 core HR courses and 2 HR electives.


  • BL 101 Survey of the Old Testament (3)
  • BL 102 Survey of the New Testament (3)
  • DT 200 Survey of Theology (3)
  • PT 402 Spiritual Formation (3)


  • LA 081-082 English Language (No Credit)
  • LA 101 Speech (3)
  • LA 100 Research Methods I (3)
  • LA 240 West Indian Literature (3)
  • LA 330 Contemporary Communications (3)
  • FA 100 Introduction to Fine Arts (3) OR MU 250 Music History (3)
  • PH 200 Philosophy (3)
  • PT 461 Research Methods II (1)
  • PT 462 Research Methods III (2)

In order to complete the Bachelor of Arts in General Studies degree comprising a minimum of 127 Credits, a student can pursue courses in any one of the following concentrations: Management of Human Resources, Music, School Education (ECCE or Primary), Theological Studies, Christian Education, and Biblical Literature.