Information Technology

Technology Infrastructure Upgrade – August 8th– 19th 2018

Caribbean Nazarene College, Santa Cruz, Trinidad and Tobago

The need for a network upgrade at Caribbean Nazarene College is very urgent.  The college is in desperate need of some hardware and infrastructure to make the network and educational systems consistent and effective. As a result Global Mission IT has been invited to bring a Tech Team to the college’s Santa Cruz campus in Trinidad.

The Caribbean Nazarene College has been training and sending ministers across the Caribbean since 1951.  They have been successfully training these leaders on campus, through online education and through video conferencing classes.  The infrastructure at the college is aging and some equipment on campus is obsolete. There are reliable internet connections, but pings and speed tests from around the campus produce varying results.  The coverage of Wi-Fi around the campus also needs to be augmented.

The scope of this project will seek to address the following:

  • Evaluate the existing infrastructure. Salvage what can be salvaged.
  • Replace obsolete equipment with a centrally managed wired and wireless infrastructure.
  • Replace the existing firewall/gateway with a system that balances internet load and prioritizes traffic.

This infrastructure upgrade will reposition the college’s ability to respond to its stakeholders in a much more efficient manner and it will be the basis for all future IT development.  With the improved quality of the network environment available at the college it can be marketed as a remote learning provider for the Caribbean, as well as a convention or video conferencing centre.

There will also be a significant overall cost savings to the college as this upgrade will also pave the way for a new digital IP PBX phone system, a CCTV surveillance and communication system, and a significantly enhanced file storage system among a myriad of other possibilities.

Caribbean Nazarene College

May 2018.



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