Donation Appeal Rebuilding CNC

Dear Ministry Partners,
I greet you in the name of Christ, our Lord and Saviour. Together, we give thanks to our Father for his amazing grace in bringing us safely to a new year, 2023. Hitherto, has the Lord helped us!
As the Lord has helped us, he has encouraged us to help one another. It was with this in view that, the apostle Paul thanked God every day for the church at Philippi who were his faithful partners in the Gospel (Phil 1: 3 – 6).
At CNC, we have found a partner in this ministry who has made $30,000 USD available to us. However, as evidence of our commitment to the development of the College, we are challenged to match this giving as a regional response for one of the college’s building projects.
Amongst our several projects, the Administrative Council and the Board of Trustees have agreed to place a roof on the 18-year-old Chapel complex. This 115’x90’ spacious structure has a concrete slab deck which is leaking and has rendered the rooms below inoperable. Further, the water saturation is causing moulding and threatens the electrical system. The goal of this project is to preserve the building and save the investment already made. Further, we desire to fully furnish and air condition the six large rooms for commercial rental. These objectives are in keeping with our goal to have multiple streams of income for the institution, thereby reducing our dependence on the districts.
We are writing you as an alum/friend/stakeholder of this institution asking for your partnership in this venture. We know these are challenging times, but humbly request your consideration of any amount in cash or kind you can afford. Thanks for your prayerful consideration and partnership.


If you DO NOT have a credit card you are free to make payments to the college via our account

# 290 422 172 701 at any Republic bank.
In order to ensure your donation is applied in a timely manner please scan or photograph your deposit receipt(s) and email to the following:
The Senior Administrative Coordinator: Rev. Angel Isaacs, Email:, Phone: 1-868-471-1082 or WhatsApp or 676-8714 Ext.1244.