Human Resource Services

Human Resource Services support the College’s commitment to quality holistic education in a Christian environment. Our primary goal is to foster a work atmosphere that emphasizes excellence and quality and values innovation and creativity towards the achievement of the College’s goals.

Human Resources Services play an essential role in recruiting, motivating and retaining a high cadre of faculty and staff. We fulfil an advisory role to ensure all employee related matters are managed with efficiency, equity and lawfully.

To better serve you, Human Resources Services are in the process of updating and implementing new staff policies.

approved polices effective Dec 1st, 2013:

  • Employee Leave and Attendance Policy
  • Employee Recruitment and Selection Policy
  • Employee Education Assistance Policy
  • Employee Training and Development Policy

Downloadable Forms

We have also upgraded existing and created new HR forms to improve our processes. We encourage you to utilise these forms to improve the efficiency of our operations.