Diploma In Christian Education


The Christian Education programme are designed to prepare persons who are answering a call to educational ministries within the local church and to meet the current educational requirements in the Church of the Nazarene in the CNC zone of the Caribbean Region. The three-year Diploma requires the completion of 97 credit hours and a practicum experience.

If the student is called to be a minister of Christian Education, a minister in compassionate ministries, or a hospital, correctional, military, or institutional chaplain and not specifically called to a preaching ministry, the student may want to pursue the deacon track rather that the elder track. Specialisation will need to be in related fields, such as sociology, missiology, and psychology and counselling.

“Ministers of Christian Education provide leadership for nurturing ministries in the local church or Christian Educational agencies in the community. The minister leads the effort in organising effective educational programs, developing appropriate curriculum, and equipping lay persons for leadership, teaching and discipleship. These educational programs include traditional ministries like Sunday School and Vacation Bible School, but may also include small group ministries (e.g., Bible study, spiritual formation, or support groups), gender or age specific ministries, and weekday Christian education.”

(Sourcebook for Ministerial Development, 436.17)

Core Courses

  • CE 100 Survey of Christian Education – 3
  • CE 110 Administration in Christian Education – 3
  • EDU 220 Philosophy of Education – 3
  • EDU 230 Educational Psychology – 3
  • CE___ Age Group Elective – 3
  • CE 371-372 C.E. Practicum Seminar * (.5 each) – 1
  • CE 373 C.E. Practicum I – NC
  • CE 374 C.E. Practicum II – NC