Christian Education

This concentration is designed to assist the laity in Christian Education leadership and activities in the church. It is not designed for the person seeking ordination as a Deacon or Elder in the Church of the Nazarene. The person seeking ordination should enroll in the Bachelor of Arts in Christian Education in order to fulfill the other requirements in Bible, doctrine and theology, practical theology, and history.

In order to meet general credit-hour graduation requirements, the student in the Bachelor of Arts in General Studies will need to take electives in a related field or choose a second major related to Christian Education.


  • To cultivate the student’s knowledge of and ability to study and teach the Bible.
  • To equip the student to think as a Christian educator and work with people of all ages.
  • To prepare the student to be a servant leader who believes in, hears, involves, and empowers laity to do the work of ministry.


Core Courses

  • CE110 Administration in Christian Education – 3
  • EDU220 Philosophy of Christian Education – 3
  • EDU270 Technology in the Classroom – 3
  • EDU230 Educational Psychology – 3
  • CE340 Childhood Education & Evangelism – 3
  • CE350 Youth Education & Evangelism – 3
  • CE360 Adult Education in the Local Church – 3
  • CE371 CE Practicum Seminar – 0.5
  • CE372 CE Practicum Seminar – 0.5
  • CE373 CE Practicum I – 1
  • CE374 CE Practicum II – 1
  • CE410 History, Psychology & Philosophy of Christian Ed. – 3
  • BL200 Hermeneutics – 3