Children’s Ministry

This concentration is designed to assist the laity in Christian education activities for children in the church, Para-church organizations, and in the community.

The Children’s Ministry major is not designed for the person seeking ordination as a Deacon or Elder. The concentration may be combined with the Bachelor of Arts in Theology if the student desires to obtain ordination in the Church of the Nazarene.

The student must complete all the General Studies core courses in order to receive the Associate or Bachelor of Arts degree.  The Associate of Arts degree requires 50 core hours and the Bachelor of Arts degree requires 54 core hours.

While some substitutions may be made in some core courses, all students are required to fulfill the Biblical and Theological Studies requirement of 10 credit hours for the Associate of Arts and 12 credit hours for the Bachelor of Arts.

While the core and concentration include courses needed for teaching, it is not designed for public or private school teachers. Those desiring to teach in traditional Christian schools should complete the Christian School Teachers major.


  • To equip the student to think and work as a Christian educator with children.
  • To develop recreational and social events that lead to koinonia.
  • To prepare the student to be a servant leader who believes in, hears, involves, and empowers laity to do the work of children’s ministry.
  • To enable the student to think clearly about the claims of various psychological, philosophical and theological systems.
  • To promote positive interpersonal relationships that build the learning-teaching process.


  • CE 100     Survey of Christian Education  –  3
  • CE 110     Administration in Christian Education – 3
  • CE 120     Introduction to Children’s Ministry – 3
  • EDU 220   Philosophy of Education – 3
  • CE 230     Educational Psychology – 3
  • EDU 200   Child Development – 3
  • EDU 270   Technology in the Classroom – 3
  • CE 340     Childhood Education and Evangelism – 3
  • PS 360     Child Guidance: Theory and Practice – 3
  • CE 410    History, Psychology, and Philosophy  of Christian Education – 3
  • CE 440  Music, Programming, and Drama for Children – 3
  • CE 371   Christian Education Practicum Seminar – 0.5
  • CE 373   Christian Education Practicum Seminar – 0.5
  • CE 373   Christian Education Practicum – NC
  • CE 374   Christian Education Practicum – NC