• Accredited by the Caribbean Evangelical Theological Association (CETA) in 1996, the regional accrediting agency for evangelical theological education ( This association is a charter member of the International Council of Evangelical Theological Education (ICETE) of the World Evangelical Fellowship, which now encompasses eight regional accrediting agencies, including Africa, Asia, Europe, North America, South America, and the South Pacific. A CETA registered institution since 1990.


  • Accredited by the Accreditation Council of Trinidad and Tobago (ACTT) in 2013, the regulatory body for quality assuring post-secondary and tertiary education in Trinidad and Tobago ( ACTT is affiliated with several international agencies for quality assurance in higher education. An ACTT registered institution since 2008.


  • Registered as an educational institution with the Ministry of Education of the Government of Trinidad and Tobago. GATE approved by the Ministry of Education of the Government of Trinidad and Tobago (


  • Founding member of the Association of Caribbean Tertiary Institutions (ACTI), a regional association concerned with facilitating mutual support and collaboration among tertiary educational institutions in the Caribbean (


  • Officially recognized by the International Board of Education of the Church of the Nazarene (Kansas City, Missouri, USA) as a “U” University level school ( Sponsored by the International Church of the Nazarene, and governed by a Board of Trustees drawn from districts across the Caribbean Region, Suriname, Guyana, and Belize.


  • Distance courses offered in partnership with the Institute of Theological Studies (Grand Rapids, Michigan, USA) to offer quality material (


  • Partnered with Nazarene Bible College (Colorado Springs, Colorado, USA) in offering online courses ( Nazarene Bible College is accredited by the Higher Learning Commission (HLC), a commission of the North Central Association of Colleges and Schools.


  • Recognized as an approved ministerial training institution for pastors and laity in the Wesleyan Holiness Church of Trinidad and Tobago and the Christian Union Church of the West Indies.