We Are Accredited

An institution of higher learning must go through the process of both internal and external assessment. Through close scrutiny of an academic institution and meeting or exceeding the standards set by the local or regional authority responsible for accreditation, an institution gains credibility as an educational provider.

During the past four years (2009 to 2013), CNC had undergone the process for registration and Accreditation exercises with ACTT, the authorized body for registration, recognition, and accreditation of university level institutions in Trinidad and Tobago. These exercises proved to be beneficial for CNC. With accreditation comes a certain level of recognition, respectability and responsibility. The affirmation given by an independent, externally sanctioned body is a significant milestone for any institution of higher learning.

On July 23, 2013, CNC was notified of the ACTT’s decision as it relates to the accreditation standing of CNC. It is a pleasure to report with exciting relief and a sense of accomplishment to all of the constituent parties who have a vested interest in the development of CNC: CNC has been accredited for a five year period by ACTT! CNC can now answer current and prospective students with the affirmative response: CNC is now an accredited institution, operating in Trinidad and Tobago, with all the privileges of an ACTT accredited institution.

This news, which can now be made public, prognosticates well for the institution! However, the strong attentiveness is for us to remember that accreditation is not a culmination. Rather, there is much continued work to be realized. Quality control, quality assurance, quality enhancement, assessment and application of the findings of assessment, execution of tasks, and excellence in providing quality education are a continual endeavor.

The steady advancement of CNC is an incessant endeavor. Thanks to God for allowing us to realize this accomplishment! Thanks to everyone for your major contributions that allowed CNC to achieve this historic milestone!

Dr. Anthony Manswell
Acting President
Quality Systems Manager/Accreditation Coordinator
Caribbean Nazarene College

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